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Blend, Strain and Enjoy !

Our Story

After a nasty, three-day stomach ache that had me consuming only crackers and chicken broth, I really wanted a nutritious berry filled smoothie. However, I didn't want all the seeds that came with it.
Did you know that one blackberry can have more than 100 seeds? 

Until now, there was no easy way to easily strain out all of those berry seeds.
The Smoothie Press works with any blender.
An added bonus, it is directly compatible with the *Magic Bullet. Super cool! 
Just blend up your ingredients in any blender, and pour them into the Smoothie Press. If you have a Magic Bullet, you can blend right in the Smoothie Press tumbler.
After blending, attach the lid and depress the plunger to strain your smoothie. When you get to the bottom, the seeds stay trapped below the mesh and you can now enjoy a thick, creamy and seedless smoothie.
  • Designed to remove unwanted seeds
  • Convenient and fast for busy lifestyles
  • A great way for kids to enjoy healthy food
  • Designed to fit car cupholders & cupboards
  • Carabiner clip for backpacks and bags
  • Large 16oz tumbler
  • For best results, hand wash.
  • BPA free
  • Utility Patented Technology

*Smoothie Press & ErJo Designs are not affiliated with Magic Bullet. Magic Bullet is a registered trademark of Homeland Housewares, LLC

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