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A fantastic website that I follow is called POPSUGAR fitness.

They have great tips on a wide variety of things like food, fashion, entertainment, moms, beauty and love. I'll admit it's a bit on the girly side but I do love the recipes and fitness tips. The recipes are really delicious, (mostly healthy) and their fitness tips are for every level of fitness. Only have five minutes? Great! They have a workout for you too.

Here are some snippets that I thought you might like. Enjoy!


Cinco de Mayo

It's no secret that we're big fans of Mexican food. So when Cinco de Mayo rolls around each year, we inevitably get really excited (and hungry). Over the years, we've managed to whip up a whole bunch of flavorful dishes and drinks, from tacos to tequila-infused cocktails, all of which would be festive and delicious for your Cinco de Mayo celebration this weekend. Prepare to hear your stomach growl. ¡Buen provecho!

Five Minutes to Tighter Abs

This five-minute workout helps tighten your middle while also sculpting definition. Best of all, the moves are all done standing — no crunches needed! Press play, grab a set of weights, and get ready to tone. (You only need one 5lb weight for this.)

This 22-Year-Old Woman Is Making Waves With Her Swimsuit Company

She's 22, sometimes has purple hair, and is on a mission to put women in swimsuits they feel comfortable and confident in. Kortni Jeane Niccoli is the designer and entrepreneur behind Kortni Jeane swimsuits, and her vibrant, mix-and-match suits for men, women, and kids are so popular she can't keep them in stock. Kortni, who hails from Provo, UT, spoke with me about the inspiration behind her company, the struggles of being a one-woman show, and how she's used Instagram to heat up business. Read on for her interview and check out her fresh and fun swimmers if you're ready to get some serious beach fever.

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