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Clean-up is a snap!

Details are important when designing a new product. Ease of use, functionality, asthetic design, and is the dang thing easy to clean?

If you've ever used a juicer, you know what a process THAT is just to get a beautiful glass of healthy juice. I do it but it's a pain to clean up. The Smoothie Press™ is easy to clean. The parts are smooth so you can just rinse them out and use a kitchen sponge if necessary. I did the all-day-in-the-sun test to see what would happen and just how hard it might be to clean. The sprayer setting on my kitchen faucet cleaned it right up. I did have a couple seeds that were stuck in the mesh so I poked them through with a tooth pick. Problem solved. It was easier than I thought it would be. Yay!!

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