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First Production Run Moves to August

Do you want a product that "kind of works"? I don't. One of the critical parts of the Smoothie Press™ is the mesh. There are well over 500 tiny holes in the mesh that have to be machined in such a way that they allow thick, smoothie liquid to flow through while straining the thousands of tiny seeds. There are MANY different types of berries and seeds to try and capture below the mesh. In testing these, we found that a slight adjustment, (a fraction of a milimeter) would produce a better, more effective product.

In a nutshell, the holes are just a wee-bit smaller!

The molds are in the final stages of completion which means that our first production run will be happening towards the end of August.

We appreciate your patience and know that those seeds continue to drive you crazy! We promise we're hurrying!

Have a great day.


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