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In an effort to cover any and all questions... please see below.


Is the Smoothie Press a Blender?

No. The Smoothie Press is not a blender. It is a straining device to remove unwanted seeds. You must first blend your ingredients in a typical kitchen blender.


How does the Smoothie Press work with the Magic Bullet?

The Smoothie Press tumbler is 'compatible with' and fits on the Magic Bullet base. This means that you can load up the Smoothie Press tumbler with ingredients, then screw it onto the Magic Bullet blending base and blend right in it. Then just put the Smoothie Press lid on, press, strain and enjoy!


What is the Smoothie Press made of?

BPA free and FDA approved food safe materials.


Can I put the Smoothie Press in the dishwasher?

It is top rack dishwasher safe, (up to 147 degrees fahrenheit) however we recommend that you hand wash your Smoothie Press to ensure it's continued clarity in color, shape and form. For a deeper clean, soak all parts in soapy water.


I love to put protein powder in my smoothie. Will the Smoothie Press strain out my protein powder?

No. Smoothie Press will not strain out your protein powder. It actually does a great job of letting the small, protein particles slip through the mesh while catching the seeds.


I like to put flax meal in my smoothie. Will the Smoothie Press strain out the flax meal?

Yes. Smoothie Press will strain out the flax meal. The flax particles are similar in size to various berry seeds. The best way to add flax meal is to first completely strain your smoothie, then unscrew the lid and add the flax meal afterwards.


Many expensive blenders claim to pulverize seeds. If this is true, why do I still need the Smoothie Press?


We've tried several blenders from $25 to $800 and even though they break down some of the seeds, most leave you with unblended seeds and a hard, sand-like grit to drink.
You can pay as much as $1,600 on a blender but why? Just use any blender then put your blended smoothie in the Smoothie Press. Problem solved. 


Is the Smoothie Press made in the USA?

They are 100% assembled in the USA. 90% of the parts are made in the USA. We are a huge supporter of American made goods. 



I have diverticulitis. Is this a medical device?

No. Smoothie Press is not a medical device however several of our customers have reported that they can now drink smoothies again. Hooray!! Straining out seeds may be a huge benefit to those individuals whose digestive systems cannot tolerate them. 
Does the Smoothie Press remove 100% of all seeds?

Pretty darn close! The Smoothie Press removes many types of seeds. To allow for a thick and creamy consistency of your smoothie, the holes in the mesh may allow a few of the tiniest seeds to slip through like those found in a small strawberry. 
**For best results, make sure the top of the tumbler is clear of seeds above the MAX FILL line. This is where the gasket first contacts the inner walls of the tumbler and the straining begins.
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