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"My family loves using our Smoothie Press for our morning smoothies and infused water! Being a breastfeeding mama, it's important that I do not swallow too many seeds, since they are difficult to digest. I love that my Smoothie Press takes all of the worry away. We can't wait to use our Smoothie Press to make yummy shakes for our growing infant, too! Thank you Smoothie Press for making feeding time easy and not seedy. 😉"


Brittany S. - Woolwich Township, New Jersey



"I use my smoothie press twice a day:  for breakfast and for an afternoon snack!  I cannot eat seeds due to an intestinal issue (diverticulosis) and have really missed fresh berries especially.  The smoothie press has solved all that!  The PNW has so many wild berries in the summertime but they have almost more seeds than berry!  I can't wait to pick and eat them to my heart's content again - they have such a delicious flavor!"


Sue K. - Auburn, WA



"We love our Smoothie Press. Finally a great product that solved our smoothie seed problem. Now my children enjoy a healthy start to their day and the best part is that it fits my bullet blender which means less cleaning up. Brilliant product thanks!"


Joy D. - Sydney, Australia



"I ordered the Smoothie Press the second it was released, I was so excited for it! I refused to eat berries because I could not stand the feeling of seeds. Now, I get fruit almost every day because of the Smoothie Press!!"


Nikki V. - Norwalk, Connecticut



"YIPPEEE…received mine yesterday. Made my berry smoothie, soon after. LOVE IT…  and berries are great for inflammation. Can NOT wait until I give my girlfriend hers for Christmas. Thank you,"


Lois P. - Farmington Hills, Michigan



“Our granddaughter is incredibly picky about what she eats...she even rejected traditional fruit and veggie smoothies because of the seeds…with the Smoothie Press, she happily drinks her smoothie and we feel better knowing she gets the fruits and vegetables she needs.”


Dan P. - Lodi, CA



"I love being able to drink my smoothie without lumps."  Jacob H. - Irvine, CA  (13)



"I'm loving my smoothie press! My boyfriend makes the best protein smoothies and now that I can drink them without seeds I'm having one or two a day. So much healthier! I need a second one so I'm not constantly hand washing the one. :)  Thank you! ~Deb"


Deborah S. - Hilton Head Island, South Carolina



"I got mine a few days ago! Is there a place to submit reviews? The Smoothie Press is also good for filtering out fibrous fruit stuff in oranges, apples, pineapple. I know some people like that stuff, but it sure is nice having a truly smooth smoothie. Here is my recipe for today: 1 cup of fresh oranges (I used the little ones), 1 apple, 1/2 cup kefir made from raw goat's milk, 1 tablespoon Stevia, 1 scoop protein powder (vanilla flavored). Blend in blender. Poor into Smoothie Press and strain. Poor back into blender and blend with ice cubes. Delicious! Tastes like a cream-cycle and 100 percent healthy."


Carolee B. - Evanston, Wyoming



"Kassie and I are both using our Smoothie Presses and LOVING them! Thanks for sharing your great idea."


Donna V. - Freeland, WA



"Loved my ‪#‎smoothiepress smoothie today. Greek yogurt, strawberries, apple, pomegranate, protein powder and best of all NO seeds!"


"Just bought another of my favorite thing invented by a friend! Going to be perfect for my dad who needs to avoid seeds when he gets released from the hospital. Smooth smoothies - Woohoo!"


Kathy D. - Edmonds, WA



"My teenage daughter will finally drink smoothies! It is a great way to get my kids to eat more fruits and veggies, but my oldest would cringe at the seeds when I offered her a smoothie and never finish it. Now she is making her own smoothies (and enjoying them) and even thinks drinking out of the Smoothie Press is cool!"


Shelly J. - Hoover, Alabama



"Good afternoon! ... I just tried it for the first time this morning, and I LOVE it. I’m glad I bought an extra one for my office. Thank you! All the best, Shelby"


Shelby C. - Lubbuck, Texas



"I absolutely love my Smoothie Press.  It has allowed me to enjoy many different smoothies that have seeds that I cannot have due to diverticulitis.  I was very hesitant to use it at first, but it has proven that it REALLY works as advertised. I still do not use any seeds that are very tiny, but quite a variety of fruits have larger seeds that do not pass through the screen. My favorite fruit (of course) are strawberries. If I want to use them in the smoothie press I have to cook them first then strain them through several layers of cheesecloth to get out every seed and end up with only the juice. But, I put the juice in an ice cube tray and use them to thicken my smoothies, plus I get the delicious taste of strawberry. Another short cut is to use seedless jams and jellies for the fruit flavor, but that's defeating the purpose of beautiful fresh fruit. I highly recommend the Smoothie Press and thank you Jodi for creating a very useful item for people that don't like or can't have seeds in their diet. God Bless You."


Sara N., Dorchester, South Carolina



I just used my Smoothie Press for the first time!  YUMMY!   Thank you so much for developing this fabulous tool!  It's absolutely awesome and works like a breeze.  I was able to unscrew the top, pull up the plunger and pour in the remainder of the smoothie in my larger NutriBullet container into the Smoothie Press and just repress the seeds out of the remaining liquid, so I could enjoy the whole thing!  


Thanks so much for this great design!

I will tell everyone I know!


Sandra T.,  Waltham, Massachusetts



We love our smoothie press's. We have smoothies every weekday morning and the seed problem has been solved. I've even got my parents ready to buy some press's. Great product.


Rebecca C.,  Kelowna BC Canada


Thank you!

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